zen and the art of local historyZen and the Art of Local History is an engaging, interactive conversation that conveys the exciting nature of local history.

The book is divided into six major themes:

  • Being a Local Historian
  • Topics and Sources
  • Staying Relevant
  • Getting it Right
  • Writing History
  • History Organizations

Zen and the Art of Local History covers the scope and breadth of local history. Each chapter features Carol Kammen’s memorable editorials from History News. Her editorial is a “call.” Each is followed by a response from one of more than five-dozen prominent players in state and local history.

These respondents include local and public historians, archivists, volunteers, and history professionals across the kaleidoscopic spectrum of local history. Among this group are Katherine Kane, Robert “Bob” Richmond, Charlie Bryan, and Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko.

The result is a series of dialogues on important topics in the field of local history. This interactivity of these conversations makes Zen and the Art of Local History a unique offering in the public history field.

Hardback – 978-1-4422-2689-0

Paperback – 978-1-4422-2690-6

eBook – 978-1-4422-2691-3