Writing Local History Today guides local historians through the process of researching, writing, and publishing their work.

Mason and Calder present step-by-step advice to guide aspiring authors to a successful publication and focus not only on how to write well but also how to market and sell their work. The book also features:

  • Discussion of how to identify an audience for your writing project
  • Tips for effective research and planning
  • Sample documents, such as contracts and requests for proposals
  • Discussion of how to use social media to leverage your publication
  • Discussion of the benefits and drawbacks to self-publishing
  • An essay by Gregory Britton, the editorial director of John Hopkins University Press, about financial pitfalls in publishing

This guide is useful for first-time authors who need help with this sometimes daunting process, or for previously published historians who need a quick reference or timely tip.

978-0-7591-1902-4 β€” Hardback

978-0-7591-2395-3 β€” Paperback

978-0-7591-1904-8 β€” eBook