Writing for Historical PublicationsDesigned for both emerging and seasoned museum practitioners, Writing for Historical Publications will  inspire and equip participants to write for professional publications, organization blogs, and book manuscripts. The ability to write well is a hot commodity in the history world. In addition to being a valuable tool for developing communication skills, the act of writing helps to develop reflection, analysis and synthesis, as well as mental operations in a process that requires the writer to formulate clear ideas rooted in context and supported by evidence. Contributing an article to a published journal or writing a book is a career-booster. It puts the writer’s name into circulation, and demonstrates the writer’s expertise and commitment to the museum field. Beyond publishing, these skills are also easily called upon for other tasks, such as grant writing or discussing complex topics within your organization.

In this webinar, AASLH’s Bob Beatty, Charles Harmon of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, and, Sarah Case and Tamara Gaskell of NCPH’s The Public Historian, will address the process, from initial ideas to reviewing pre-print proofs. They will present strategies for history professionals to develop well-organized arguments and narratives and will cover editors’ expectations, such as following style sheets, providing references for all ideas that are not one’s own, plagiarism, meeting deadlines, the peer review process, and accepting proofing edits. Participants will learn how to present book and article ideas effectively to potential publishers, as well as learn of the professional value of blogs and other social media versus published articles and books.

This session will provide a road map that encourages more museum professionals to contribute to their own professional development and to the field through writing and publishing.


About the Speakers

Bob Beatty is Chief of Engagement for the American Association for State & Local History, the only comprehensive national organization dedicated to state and local history. Prior to his appointment, Bob served as Interim President & CEO, Chief Operating Officer,  and Vice President for Programs, leading AASLH’s professional development program including workshops, an annual meeting, affinity groups and other initiatives, and publications as editor of History News and the AASLH Editorial Board.

Charles Harmon is an Executive Editor at Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.  In this role, he oversees books in several subject areas including museum studies.  Prior to that, he was Vice-President and Director of Publishing at Neal-Schuman Publishers and before that Director of the American Library Association’s Library and Information Center. Harmon holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in library science.

Dr. Tamara Gaskell is the co-editor of The Public Historian, the journal of the National Council on Public History, and Public Historian in Residence at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities at Rutgers University-Camden. Prior to joining The Public Historian, she was the director of publications at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, where for nearly thirteen years she edited the regional history journal the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography and also the illustrated history magazine Pennsylvania Legacies.

Dr. Sarah Case is managing editor of The Public Historian, the journal of the National Council on Public History, and adjunct instructor of history at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She previously was associate professor of history at Salisbury University (Maryland).