Table of Contents:

On Doing Local History: Encounters with History by Carol Kammen

The Whole is Great: My Turn to Tell the Story: Internships for People of Color by Monica S. Moncada

Value of History: History is Hot Right Now: Can That Help Save the Profession? by Jason Steinhauer

The Museum as Center for Social Innovation by Jasper Visser

The Many Voices of a Historic House by Jane Mitchell Eliasof

Embezzlement: Is It Our Dirty Little Secret? by Max A. van Balgooy

Like a Phoenix: Opportunities in the Aftermath of Disaster by Samantha M. Engel

Award Winner Spotlight: Windsor Historical Society: A Please Touch Historic House Tour by Christine Ermenc, Christina Vida, and Scott Wands

Technical Leaflet #277: How to Find and Use Legal Records by John A. Lupton