In times of budget crunches, many institutions instinctively form a tight, defensive circle.

They fight like mad to save what they can and then begin one of two strategies: raise/earn more money, or cut some expenses.

Thus, programs get cut, staff are let go, mission diminished, and the community suffers.

Hyman says, the trouble is, that’s really only one strategythe financial approach to budget problems.

There really are other (and sometimes better) ways to approach the problem.

However, they often run counter to institution’s instincts because they push organizations to look at deeper change, and invite the community in to help change and solve problems.

Through interviews and research, Fieldstone came up with a three-part taxonomy of strategies to accomplish mission within budget.

Besides financial strategies for solving budget problems, there are structural strategies and engagement strategies.

These are often overlooked when a nonprofit is struggling or expanding. Yet they can be they keys to long lasting mission success.