Excerpt of Mike Wallace’s Plenary Address at the 2009 Annual AASLH Meeting.

Wallace discussed how the history of today would be interpreted in the future and making history a vital piece of current education. He talked about the history of the preservation of public history in New York City and about his own career and the historical and public policy issues with which he had dealt.

He also details his work habits in relation to the balance between his zodiac signs. He describes his writing process when he is in the “crab” phase of life while completing historical narratives about New York City. The “lion” element comes to play when Wallace takes on issues that are presented in a more public arena, such as examining political messages embedded in popular historical culture.

While he laments that New York City tends to look only towards the future with little acknowledgment of the past, Wallace has taken his “crabby” interests to NYC’s past and tapped into his “lion” side in an attempt to gain an audience that is interested in local history.