The Field Guide for Museums provides guidelines for standards and disciplines that a museum or organization can use as a compass to function as a successful museum.

Created by the State Historical Society of Iowa, this resource helps institutions sift through the hundreds of resources available.

It is designed to be used as a guide when facing questions that need answers fast.

They dubbed this handbook The Field Guide for Museums with the notion that if a person were in the wilderness and needed to make a fire it wouldn’t be in their best interest to learn the history or theory of fire. The immediate need would be how to start a fire in order to survive.

Likewise, this field guide is designed to help history organizations survive. It is only a guide however, and because every museum has its own peculiarities—be it architectural, staffing or unusual collections—not every statement will apply to every situation or organization.

Chapters include:

  • Museum Organization
  • Registration & Collection Storage
  • Exhibit Design & Gallery Environments
  • Museum-Related Websites
  • Index

Download (PDF, 586KB)