This 90-minute audio PowerPoint presentation provides a historical overview of the Nomenclature classification system, as well as details about the structure, format, and conventions of Nomenclature 3.0, with a focus on changes from the previous version, Revised Nomenclature.

Presenters have also included information on the format of the Nomenclature 3.0 book. (From a presentation at the 2009 AASLH Annual Meeting, prior to publication of the new edition.)


  • Part 1 (0:00-9:40) Historical overview of Nomenclature
  • Part 2 (9:40-50:30) Review of Nomenclature 3.0 and changes from Revised Nomenclature
  • Part 3 (50:30 – End) Introduction to the Nomenclature 3.0 book and Q&A)

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