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People say that money talks. Too often, however, people don’t want to talk about money.

People often shy away from talking about finances beyond a cursory approval of the budget and financial reports until there is a crisis.

Ongoing monitoring and conversations about finances are the foundation of a healthy organization.

In this StEPs Lab, we discuss simple techniques you can implement to make budgets and other financial reports more understandable and accurate. We also discuss important questions board members should ask when reviewing them.

Speakers for the event are Stacy Klingler, Director, Local History Services, Indiana Historical Society, and Laura Roberts, Principal, Roberts Consulting.

With the purchase of this webinar, you will also receive a free download of the two-part technical leaflet, “Building Better Budgets” by Klingler and Roberts.

Paid and unpaid staff and board members from organizations of all sizes, especially smaller ones will benefit from the information presented in this recording.

Participants enrolled in AASLH’s StEPs program will benefit from a discussion on how they can meet finance-related performance indicators.

Stacy Klinger

Stacy Klingler

Laura Roberts

Laura Roberts

What are StEPs Labs?

Participation in StEPs Labs provides in-depth information on topics central to the operation of your museum, historic house or site. Applying what you learn in a Lab to your organization’s policies and practices means you are making meaningful progress in the StEPs program. The more boxes you check off, the more progress you make. The more progress you make, the more StEPs certificates you earn!