Emerging museum professionals (EMPs) often feel frustrated leaving master’s programs and entering a competitive job market.

Some recent graduates find they do not have the skills established museum professionals value.

William F. Bomar explores how aspiring museum and public history professionals can gain the skills future employers look for in applicants and how to effectively market themselves for the most coveted entry-level positions.

Dr. Bomar bases his suggestions for aspiring professionals on research within the field.

In a recent national study conducted by Dr. Bomar, he identified the current and anticipated personnel needs of the museum profession by surveying established professionals in the field.

The results of this study highlight entry-level professionals who have the leadership skills to serve and engage their communities, real-world experience in museums, knowledge of technology, and openness to new ideas in the field.

Recommendations for both students and the graduate programs that train them are included.

Technical Leaflet #261 (2013)