Tree thumbnailThis Technical Leaflet is a form to assess a site’s tourism potential.

Linn Keller provides an introduction on how to fill out the form and how an institution should approach each section when answering the questions.

If answered honestly, these questions will help organizations determine if catering to tourism aligns with the mission and what areas the institution will need to improve to maximize its tourism potential.

Topics covered in the form include accessibility, appearance and facilities, security and safety, site operation, the museum shop, tours, marketing, staff and funding, group services, and cooperative venues.

A site assessment at the end evaluates the answers to the questions in the previous sections and helps organizations summarize the findings.

Written in 1990, this analysis does not take into account current technologies and the prevalence of the Internet.

Technical Leaflet #172 (1990)

For more information on similar topics, please refer to Technical Leaflet Bundle 13, Reaching Out to Your Audience.