C2C LogoPublic awareness is the key starting point for building support: from individuals, from local government, from the private sector.

When people have firsthand experience with the issues facing your collections, they can become effective advocates in the community.

Amber Kerr-Allison has conducted public outreach activities at the Smithsonian’s Lunder Conservation Center. Susan Blakney has helped many small museums with which she has consulted involve their communities in their collections. Beth Tice has reached beyond the university community to show the residents of Waco ways in which the library’s collections and resources can help them preserve their own treasures.

Amber Kerr-Allison, Paintings Conservator, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Lunder Conservation Center
Susan Blakney, Chief Conservator, West Lake Conservation
Beth Tice, Associate Director, Central Libraries, Baylor University