Know your collections need help, but not sure where to start?

The Preservation Self-Assessment Program (PSAP) is a free online tool that helps collection managers and caretakers prioritize their efforts to improve the conditions of collections. Through guided evaluation of materials, storage/exhibit environments, and institutional policies, the PSAP helps you understand the factors that impact your collections’ well-being and guide you with ways to care for them.

Engaging Places LLC had this to say in a post about PSAP:

Staff and volunteers at any level of experience can use the PSAP. The program asks questions about the materials in your collection, storage and exhibition environments, and collections policies to develop a unique profile for your organization and potential priorities for collections care. It includes additional help to explain concepts and principles, showing examples along the way. The application runs in your web browser; no software installation is necessary. No limit is placed on the amount of items or collections you assess; all data is securely stored on University of Illinois servers.

The Illinois Heritage Association also produced a great introduction to the program.