Just in time for Preservation Week 2015, the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) is pleased to announce the newly revised and expanded version of Preservation 101: Preservation Basics for Paper and Media Collections. This free resource provides a basic introduction to the concepts and standards used to build an effective preservation program.

The new edition includes expanded information on caring for audiovisual collections, digital preservation and copyright, and emergency management, and includes activities and readings designed to aid institutions and private individuals performing their own preservation planning. Preservation 101 has a long history as an authoritative and succinct reference for professionals, students, and individuals.

Topics covered include:

  • caring for photographs, media, and paper collections
  • digitization
  • emergency preparedness
  • preservation assessment and management

This textbook also forms the basis for NEDCC’s interactive online course on general preservation topics. A series of 10 live webinars builds on self-paced study, using assigned readings and other resources to supplement classroom discussion.