Oriental carpets became fairly popular floor coverings in American homes during the nineteenth century.

Selecting appropriate floor coverings for a historic house can create a sense of authenticity.

Edwin W. Watson provides a primer on finding the correct type of flooring coverings based on time period and style, arranging carpets accurately, and how to care for carpets.

Watson cites rugs as being an afterthought typically in the interpretation of a room and shows the importance of finding an accurate representation of the type of floor covering most likely used.

He cites oriental carpets often being overused in historic homes by giving an interpretation of the wealth required to own such a piece that many families did not have in early America.

Watson provides tips for determining whether or not an oriental rug was used and how to place it within a room if so.

A thorough discussion of a stable environment and how to properly clean a carpet shows professionals how to care for rugs in historic house museums.

Technical Leaflet #122 (1979)

For more information on similar topics, please refer to Technical Leaflet Bundle 17, Historic House Care and Presentation.