Book Three of the Small Museum Toolkit Set.

Effectively managing people, facilities, and partnerships can make or break an institution.

Museum operations encompass responsibility for the maintenance of your structure, the safety of your visitors, and the security of your staff and collections.

This behind-the-scenes administrative effort is rarely what calls people to work in museums, but good organizational management keeps your institution functioning smoothly.

This book examines how to find and work well with all the people who can contribute daily to the museum: paid staff, volunteers, and interns.

It also provides many organizational resources such as an outline for an operations policy manual, sample job descriptions, and a sample partnership agreement.

Contributions by Claudia J. Nicholson; Patricia Anne Murphy; Patricia L. Miller; Amanda Wesselmann and Eileen McHugh

978-0-7591-1950-5 — Hardback

978-0-7591-1337-4 — Paperback

978-0-7591-1344-2 — eBook