We often tell presidential history on a national or even international level, and many of our sites attract visitors from all over the country or the world.

This type of focus can lead to challenges in connecting with our local communities.
ps&l 2014 cover croppedThis session highlights the work being done at some presidential sites to engage their local constituencies.

The staff members describing the projects highlight what they have done as well as the benefits and challenges they have encountered through their projects. Session participants will have concrete ideas for projects that allow them to connect better with their local communities.

Key takeaway messages

  • Respond to the needs of your local audiences in creative ways.
  • Understand how your local community views your site.
  • Create programming to respond to community mis-perceptions and to create relationships that will help sustain the library or site.

Questions for listeners

  • Who comprises your local community?
  • What are their needs and interests?
  • How can you help meet some of those needs and interests?

Session Chair: Linnea Grim, Thomas Jefferson Foundation(Monticello)

Roger Harding, President Benjamin Harrison Foundation
Kathleen Pate, William J. Clinton Presidential Library
Jordan Johnson, Clinton Foundation