Initially intended for the National Park Service audience, Conserve O Grams have gained wide use in the general world of history organization.

Conserve O Grams technical leaflets are published to ensure up-to-date. Information is available and to guide and assist park staff in carrying out, in a professional manner, projects identified in collection management planning documents.

Conserve O Grams topics include:

  • Recent changes in specific NPS collection preservation and protection procedures and techniques
  • Specific procedures, techniques, and materials for storage and exhibition of museum objects, and for ongoing preventive conservation, including housekeeping
  • Curatorial health and safety updates, including material hazard information, changes in safety standards, and recommendations on procedures, product use, or protective gear
  • Information concerning the characteristics of specific materials and advanced laboratory treatments to assist park staff in recognizing deterioration, evaluating and describing object condition, and reviewing treatments proposed by professional conservators
  • Information on new techniques in the museum field that supplement or revise generally accepted museum collection preservation practice sources of assistance, including bibliographies.

The Conserve O Grams series does not provide broad policy statements, introduce fundamental museum concepts, nor serve as either a complete collection management or conservation manual.