Birmingham MasterRecorded as part of the 2013 AASLH Online Conference, Managing Change: The Keys to Successful Transitions within Historic Organizations  discusses how to employ key strategic and practical steps to help you handle any type of transition or change. Whether transitioning jobs, projects, leadership, or starting from scratch to create a whole new entity, managing change can provide seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Presenters include:

Jeff Kollath, Public Humanities, Program Manager, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Nethany Buckingham, CUrator, Dorothy G. Page Museum, Wasilla, AK
Bill Brewster, Curator of Collections, First Division Museum, Wheaton, IL
Emily Dunnack, Head of Education Programs, COnnecticut Historical Society, Hartford, CT
J.J. Lamb, Director, Vail Preservation Society, Vail, AZ


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Online Conference Session recorded at the AASLH Annual Meeting in Birmingham, AL  September 19, 2013.

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