Book One of the Small Museum Toolkit Set.

Small museums face the same challenges as large museums on a tighter budget and with fewer resources.

Navigating these obstacles requires strong leadership and effective governance.

The creation and use of planning documents and a clear mission and vision are essential to pursuing the long-term health of an organization.

This book features concise, grounded approaches to finding and articulating the mission and vision of a small museum.

Because a few tools have been invaluable to small museum leaders, the book also highlights the MAP and CAP assessment process, accreditation, and provides an overview of the StEPs program.

Contributions by Cherie Cook; Elizabeth Merritt; Sara Gonzales; Steve Friesen; Harold Skramstad; Susan Skramstad; Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko; Teresa Goforth and Katie Anderson

978-0-7591-1948-2 — Hardback

978-0-7591-1335-0 — Paperback

978-0-7591-1342-8 — eBook