Reaching out to teachers is a great way to ensure effective collaboration between museums and schools.

Peter S. O’Connell provides a detailed primer on how to develop meaningful teacher workshops that explain the museum’s offerings to teachers and schools and show teachers how to maximize those resources.

O’Connell shares his experience in gaining feedback about educational programming from teachers through workshops that mimicked a school visit. He provides a sample workshop outline, broken down hourly by activities, including descriptions.

O’Connell overviews different types of workshops teachers may find useful, such as ones focused on history, or longer, more intensive experiences.

Promoting and recruitment are essential to the success of workshops and O’Connell provides tips for advertising and collaborating effectively by building relationships.

Also included is a teacher workshop checklist and interview with a principal that candidly explains what the principal sees as the challenges and opportunities of working with historical institutions.

Download (PDF, 2.98MB)