Millennials are famously underrepresented in museum and historic site attendance and membership, and because of this, many museum professionals are working to better meet the needs of this audience. In this technical leaflet, Aleah Vinick and Rachel Abbott from the Minnesota Historical Society share their experiences with engaging the millennial audience at their institution. They also offer guidelines for developing programs that appeal to this group’s unique needs and desired outcomes for museum experiences, as well as recommendations for evaluating audiences to gauge these needs.

Vinick and Abbott explore the importance of the millennial audience to the future of museums and historic sites, and advise readers on how to tap into the rich potential of young professional museum-goers. Reaching out to millennials can not only help sites to grow their audience, but also inspire them to create dynamic programming that fosters engagement, loyalty, and appreciation for what their site has to offer.

Technical Leaflet #272 (2015)