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Town Hall Meeting at the 2011 AASLH Annual Meeting sponsored by the Virginia Association of Museums.

As interpreters of our nation’s past, our field searches for meaning in the achievements and trials of those who came before us. Commemoration aims to celebrate, educate, and honor the past.

With commemoration comes reflection. How do we remember key pieces of our nation’s history? Whose lens do we use to see the past? How can these spaces become meaningful and relevant?

It brings the promise of new beginnings as we continuously reflect on our past, future, and stories we tell.

This interactive session, moderated by Dr. Spencer Crew, featured a rich conversation about the significance of remembering and forgetting, the responsibilities of commemoration, and the power of the voices we choose to recall history.

AASLH makes available for download a selection of sessions from past annual meetings. Please note that these are raw audio files and have not been edited.