HNews Winter14 Covers 1Read the transcript of the Carolyn McKinstry’s special presentation at the 2013 AASLH Annual Conference in History News Vol. 69, #1. Her moving message was delivered to AASLH conference attendees at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL. McKinstry was in the Sixteen Street Baptist Church on September 15, 1963 when it was bombed by white racists  and four of her young friends were killed. She was among thousands of students who were hosed by firemen during the 1963 marches and she survived a second bomb explosion that destroyed a large portion of her home in 1964. An “authentic child of the movement,” Carolyn believes that God spared her life on September 15, 1963 so that she could continue to live in service to others. She is now a citizen of the world, and an ordained itinerant messenger of the gospel.

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