Why are historic houses necessary to their communities? How are historic house museums unique?

This workshop focuses on the unique needs, management, and interpretation of historic houses. With a focus on historic house museums, topics covered include collections care, types of research appropriate for historic house museums, exhibition development, interpretive tours, volunteers, and building and landscape maintenance.

Faculty:Max van Balgooy, President, Engaging Places, LLC, Maryland. George McDaniel, Executive Director Emeritus, Drayton Hall, Charleston, SC



Location: Brucemore, 2160 Linden Drive, SE., Cedar Rapids, IA 52403. Experience Brucemore, an unparalleled blend of tradition and culture. At the heart of the historic 26-acre estate stands a 19th-century mansion, filled with the stories of three Cedar Rapids families.

What Participants Said: “The ‘notebook’ of articles is a great idea and a tangible helper to take back with us. The faculty’s experiences were invaluable–they will be a great resource, too!” “The most helpful part was seeing institutions’ actual documents.” “The enthusiasm & varied backgrounds of the participants was helpful.” “As a volunteer–gave me a realistic view of the job description of our curators, staff & us as volunteers.”

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