In response to survey results and months of data gathering and research, this help manual from Sarah Kapellusch of the Nomenclature Committee and Brian Gomez of PastPerfect answers questions about converting to Nomenclature 3.0 in PastPerfect and walks you through a variety of cataloging scenarios using step-by-step instructions.

It discusses what to expect during the conversion process and data clean-up as well as some hints and tools ease your transition from Revised Nomenclature to Nomenclature 3.0.

Download (PDF, 840KB)

Topics include:

  • Glossary of terms
  • Converting to Nomenclature 3.0 through PastPerfect 5
  • What to Expect
  • Missing Object Names
  • Cataloging Natural History, Archaeological, and Ethnographic Collections
  • Managing Nomenclature in Museums with Small, Specific Collections
  • Notes for current users of PastPerfect 4
  • Data Entry Standards and Examples
  • General Reminders