Presidential sites around the country are experimenting with new technologies for bringing educational resources to schools and educators.
ps&l 2014 cover croppedDiscover how videoconferencing, Skype and Google Hangout are transforming the way that presidential sites and libraries are connecting to students and teachers around the world.

Key takeaway messages:

  •  There are both challenges and benefits to using technology for reaching school audiences
  • A variety of technology tools can be considered for bringing rich primary source content to schools
  • Interactive, engaging programs work best with videoconferencing
  • Flexibility is the key to success!

Questions for listeners to ponder:

  • Technology tools that can be harnessed to connect your site to school audiences around the world are more accessible than ever, so that anyone with a computer that has a camera and microphone can connect.
  • What’s preventing you from exploring use of these tools at your museum, historic site, library or archive?
  • What creative approaches are being used to make history come alive for audiences far away from the sites themselves?
  • How can this technology to better link sites for planning and collaboration?

Resources mentioned during session:
Presidential Primary Sources Project
Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC)
AT&T Connect

Session Chair:
Sharron Conrad, Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

Sarah Jencks, Ford’s Theatre
Mark Adams, Harry S Truman Library and Museum
James Yasko, The Hermitage
Marlo Mallery Sexton, Theodore Roosevelt Center
James Werle, Internet2