It’s all in the preparation!  Successful applications have more to do with institutional and project preparation than with writing — really.Tree thumbnail

In this fast-paced, fun, slightly off-the-wall session we will discuss the characteristics of a grant-ready institution and a grant-ready project, and then review the important components of the proposal-writing team and a successful proposal.

There’s no need to have a project or grant deadline yet, just an interest in getting ready to get grants.

Leading this webinar is Sarah Sutton (you might know her as Sarah Brophy), a long-time independent museum professional working with historical societies, parks, gardens, zoos, and aquariums, helping them find good money for good projects.

She is the author of Is Your Museum Grant-Ready? Assessing Your Organization’s Potential for Funding and Environmental Sustainability at Historic Sites and History Museums, both part of AASLH’s History Series with Rowman & Littlefield Press.

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