This curriculum is intended for use by service providers (field service programs, state and regional museum associations, etc.), consultants, and others who present training workshops for paid and unpaid staff of museums, historical societies, historic houses and other organizations. The curriculum content is based on standards in the StEPs program and geared for small- to mid-sized organizations.

This 6.5-hour workshop curriculum focuses on helping participants  understand not only the “how,” but the “why” of nonprofit planning. Workshop instruction and activities include planning terminology and the benefits of planning for healthy organizational development; elements and sequencing of a planning process; strategies for making a plan stick in your organization, and establishing criteria to evaluate your plan’s effectiveness. The curriculum was created by consultant Anne Ackerson. The package includes an instructor’s guide, PowerPoint slides, and handouts.

The curriculum materials were made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Important Note: You are free to add your logo and contact information to the materials and to make changes in order to tailor the agenda, Powerpoint slides, handouts, etc., to fit your needs. AASLH does require, however, that you credit AASLH and StEPS in all of your materials with the following statement, “This workshop is adapted from materials provided the American Association for State and Local History and its StEPs program.” Additionally, we ask that at the beginning of all workshops you present based on these materials, you include the brief StEPs overview.

Download Curriculum Documents:

Powerpoint Slides

Handout A

Handout B

Handout C

Handout D

Handout E

Handout F

Sample Strategic Plans Handout

Instructor’s Guide