Having a digital version of a collections catalogue is more necessary now than ever.

This Technical Leaflet provides a comprehensive outline of how to approach creating a digital collections catalogue, from choosing software to establishing a standard vocabulary.

Though this leaflet was written in 2001, the presented process of computerizing collections records remains relevant for organizations planning moves to their first computerized or online collection.

The panel of history museums and archival professionals emphasize the need to know the collection and the consistency of data fields.

They also outline how to develop a vocabulary that uses the standard nomenclature and when to adapt this to account for the uniqueness of a collection. Particularly useful are insights in training staff and volunteers to catalogue a collection and transfer the information to its digital format.

The authors also guide first-timers in accounting for steps in the process that could be overlooked, like dealing with volunteers who are not good at entering data into a computer or the need to create an effective tracking system if numerous people are working on the project.

Technical Leaflet #216 (2001)

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