Title 028All of us want more people to visit and become involved in our site. The five technical leaflets in this bundle do just that!

Attracting the underserved segments of your community to your museum as visitors, members, and donors could begin with TL 265 and TL 263. These two case studies focus on how to get the younger crowd and the Latino population, demographics typically underserved by history organizations, to engage with your site and how to design programs with them in mind.

TL 259 discusses how the Minnesota Historical Society brought students and seniors together for an oral history project, which resulted in more involvement by both demographic groups in their sites.

TL 254 contains methods for attracting teachers and school groups to your site using collections to help teachers fulfill state education standards. Use their methods to design your own projects and programs.

TL 245 shares the results of a 3-year study on how the USS Constitution extended the amount of time families spent in their galleries while at the same time raising visitor donations. This technical leaflet shows how focusing on your audience can produce dramatic results.

Includes the following Technical Leaflets:
TL 265 ‐ From (A)rts to (Z)ombies: A Young Friends Group How‐to
TL 263 – What’s the Big Idea? Using Listening Sessions to Build Relationships and Relevance
TL 259 – Creating Intergenerational Oral History Opportunities
TL 254 – Designing Education Programs that Connect Students to Collections
TL 245 – Families First! Rethinking Exhibits to Engage All Ages

Technical Leaflet Bundle 028 – Come One! Come All!