This bundle of five technical leaflets concentrates on how to care for items with military emphasis. Four of the technical leaflets deal with firearms: classifications, identification, potential hazards, and metals. The last technical leaflet discusses the basic maintenance for textiles as could be found in military uniforms. Care+of+Military+Items+007

The care of artifacts in our collections is a vital part of fulfilling our missions. The care of military artifacts, in many ways similar to the care of other artifacts, often involves special techniques and knowledge. The leaflets in this bundle will help you provide extended life for these artifacts and safety for you!

Includes Technical Leaflets #10 #71, #136, #201, and #248.

10. Conservation of Metals

71. Care of Textiles & Costumes: Adaptive Techniques for Basic Maintenance (1974)

136. Management of Firearms Collections (1981)

201. Explosive Ordnance Safety: The Boom in the Back (1998)

248. The Handling and Exhibition of Potentially Hazardous Artifacts in Museum Collections (2009)