The Bookshelf User’s Guide includes a description of each of the Bookshelf resources and a series of common questions about collections care, along with references to sections of the Bookshelf for answers. The Bookshelf consisted of 22 texts and was intended to be a permanent resource for those who received it.  Some of the resources are still available and publisher information is included in the Guide. AASLH, IMLS, and Heritage Preservation collaborated on the development of this collection reference tool and to publish it as a lasting reference for collecting institutions.

AASLH partnered with IMLS to administer the Bookshelf grant that awarded over 2,800 sets of these resources to institutions with collections across the United States. The Bookshelf was an important part of the IMLS Connecting to Collections Initiative 2006-2009. Each of the 22 publications are important on their own, but together they are thought to be a good foundation for collections care that every collecting institution needs.

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