Tree thumbnailResearching African American genealogy presents a unique set of challenges.

This Technical Leaflet provides tips for African American genealogists with places to start looking and the resources available.

Oral histories are highlighted as a way to start researching and compiling a family history.

A basic overview of how to conduct interviews will help researchers as they interview their older relatives.

After finding sources close to home, Bill Linder suggests moving to libraries and other institutions and provides an overview of how to use the types of sources found there -the federal census, state records of birth and death, county records, church records, and military service records.

A discussion of how slavery affects the ability of African American research their ancestry provides clues for further digging as well, such as looking to family records of white families and manumissions.

Technical Leaflet #135 (1981)

For more information on similar topics, please refer to Technical Leaflet Bundle 19, Highlighting Culture.