Historic Houses are part of the common good. We have a responsibility to our collections, our supporters, and our communities to make a positive impact.

How does that translate to the environment and going green – and in a reasonable way? Join Sarah Sutton and moderator Ken Turino to find out.

This webinar will include:

  • A super-brief orientation to the intersection of green and historic housessutton sustainable
  • A longer discussion of the value green brings to your work
  • Thoughts about sustainability as part of your interpretive message
  • Incorporating green into strategic planning that strengthens your institution and deepens your connection to the community.

And, because Sarah knows you’ll ask,

  • some free or less-expensive start-up activities
  • and the “what-first?” conundrum, plus some ideas on encouraging staff and leadership participation.

Sarah Sutton leads Sustainable Museums, a consultancy helping the staff and leadership of cultural and natural resource organizations plan for a more sustainable future.

She and her team work with zoos, gardens, museums, aquariums and historic sites to identify and pursue greener approaches in programs, operations, and building and site management.

Sarah writes about environmental sustainability in print and online. She is the author of Environmental Sustainability at Historic Sites and Museums, and The Green Nonprofit: The First 52 Weeks of Your Green Journey. She is co-author with Elizabeth Wylie of both editions of The Green Museum: A Primer on Environmental Sustainability (published under the name Sarah S. Brophy.)

Historic House Calls are online discussions featuring hot topics for historic house museums. Led by experts in the field, and moderated by members of AASLH Historic House Affinity Group Committee, they encourage attendees to join in the discussion.