The Douglas County Historical Society of Nevada hosted the Smithsonian Institution Travel Exhibits (SITES) and Museums on Main Street (MOMS) exhibit, Barn Again in 2003. The society created a landmark exhibit, Year of the Barn, in conjunction with the Smithsonian traveling exhibit that involved and engaged the Carson Valley community. Trustees, the director, and volunteers generated ideas for complimentary programming that included evening videos and in-person presentations on barn topics for private- and home-schoolers, publication of the Barns of Carson Valley book, an installation of a community-constructed barn, and much more. Contests encouraged involvement and participation of community members and many people visited the museum again for the first time since its opening ten years prior. Mary Ellen Conaway outlines the successes of the Douglas County Historical Society’s exhibit and shows the response of the community and their engagement with a meaningful topic.

Award Winner Spotlight: Year of the Barn: The Albert B. Corey Award Winner

Produced by: AASLH