Our sites hold tremendous promise and responsibility.

We, as a profession, are on a continuing quest to make our collections and sites meaningful; to increase their relevance to an ever-broadening and diverse audience; to meet the challenges of changing forms of communication and changing economy; and to take advantage of the constantly emerging technologies that have the potential to enable us to increase access to history experiences.

ps&l 2014 cover croppedThe promise of remembrance and new beginnings is inherent in the work of commemoration, a core promise that energizes our investigations and innovations in the work of history.

In this general session from the 2014 Presidential Sites and Libraries Conference, session chair Bob Beatty of AASLH and panelists Nicola LongfordSixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza; Robert A. EnholmThe President Woodrow Wilson House; and Erin Carlson MastPresident Lincoln’s Cottage discuss:

  • What are the opportunities and challenges of this commemorative mantle?
  • How should presidential sites address anniversaries, both celebratory and tragic?

Key Takeaway Messages:

  1. The Importance of Commemoration
  2. The Responsibility of Commemoration
  3. The Role of Partners and Stakeholders in Commemoration
  4. The Aspects of Commemoration
    > Broad social commemorations
    > Narrower events
    > Serious commemorations
    > Highlights (Hooks to connect w/those who care about our sites)