fall 2013 coverSince the Spring of 2010 the Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s graduate public history program has partnered with the Historical and Genealogical Society of Indiana County to provide a service learning experience for students while assisting the historical society to preserve and open numerous manuscript collections.  Thanks to the efforts of the historical society and its volunteers, these future professionals learn the value of civic engagement.

Takeaway Messages

  1. Such university-community partnerships are vital to the growth of students and community.
  2. Engagement with local historical institutions provides a valuable learning opportunity that cannot be taught in a classroom setting.

Questions for Readers

  • What are other examples of such cooperation at both the graduate and undergraduate levels?
  • In what other ways to local historical institutions, their staff and volunteers develop young professionals into aware, concerned individuals?

Editor’s Note: Jeanine Mazak-Kahne is sole author of this article. Our printed version erroneously credited co-authorship to Coleen Chambers who drafted an institutional response. AASLH regrets the error.