Winds of Change: 

As much as Oklahoma’s infamous tornadoes and storms generate both gentle and severe winds impacting the state, so too have the winds of opportunity impacted the nation’s cultural landscape. Winds, while possibly destructive, also can usher in new perspectives, opportunities, and critical self examination that may lead to strengthening organizations and the development of previously unforeseen goals. The 2010 joint Annual Meeting of AASLH and the Oklahoma Museums Association will consider these ideas against the backdrop of a changing America.



Plenary Address: Gerard Baker

Awards Banquet Speaker: Jim Loewen

Advocacy for History Organizations 2010

Engaging All Ages: A Discussion of Successful Family Programming

Addressing 21st-Century Skills in History Organizations

Building Community Connections: Collaborations for the 21st Century

Determining the Effectiveness of School Programs

Debating the Rembrandt Rule: What is Appropriate Use of Collections at Historic Sites?

Why Not Volunteers? Developing Staff and Volunteer Partnerships

Engaging in the Problematic Past

Mutual Goals: Mission vs. Money

Answering the Questions You Don’t Want People to Ask



Each year, anyone registered for the Online Conference can virtually attend six hot topic sessions, plus hear from featured speakers. Each session is broadcast live from the Annual Meeting. All presentations have been reworked for a live audience. See slides, ask questions, and interact online with presenters and the virtual audience in these live broadcasts.

Engaging Students and Teachers Through Collections

Participants learn about evaluation-tested educational programming from two state historical societies that connect K-12 audiences to collections. Collections-based education can happen both inside an organization and through outreach activities. Learn what worked and what didn’t and how to apply these methods to collections of historical organizations.

Using Resources Wisely: Training and Evaluating Volunteers

Are you looking for ways to make better use of volunteers? This session provides a framework for determining which tasks are suited to volunteers and to make sure that these unpaid staff are appropriately trained, supervised, and evaluated. The session highlights collections, education, visitor services, and archives volunteers.


History News

The Importance of the Human Story (Winter 2011)

The Winds of Opportunity (Spring 2010, Free)



Small Museums, Big Impact!

Visitor Engagement: It’s All About Connections