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  •   While introducing the topic of religion into regular museum tours can be tricky, there are some site histories that require some mention in order to fully understand the influence that faith had on that specific family or event. One such museum that deals with the issue of religion for that reason is Surratt House […]

  • Cemetery Tours and Programming: A Guide shows the range and opportunities of cemetery programming that go beyond basic starting points like dog-walking or traditional historic walking tours. It illustrates the reuses of both historic and contemporary burial grounds through the lenses of recreation, education, and reflection. This guide takes readers through the historical roots of […]

  • LISTEN: The Religious History Affinity Group Committee will discuss the role of religious places in the Civil Rights Movement. Join us and learn about interpreting extraordinary history at religious sites.   Download Audio

  • Visitors’ Voices focuses on audience research and evaluation in history museums and related institutions. AASLH members and anyone else who has an interest in these areas is free to join the community.

  • Whether Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, Islamic mosques, Buddhist temples, or the gathering places for other faiths, buildings designed for worship are significant to both their own community of believers and their larger communities. Coming to understand the history of places of worship, therefore, is an essential element in understanding the historical fabric of these communities. […]