• Editors Robert P. Connolly and Elizabeth Bollwerk present a “how to” guide for museums to integrate themselves into their communities as co-creators and valuable assets. Positioning Your Museum as a Critical Community Asset: A Practical Guide uses six thematic sections with case studies from museums around the world that successfully aligned their mission and resources with the needs […]

  • Arts Midwest and Metropolitan Group are leading a national effort to build public will for creative expression by connecting it with people’s deeply-held values. This session will explore this initiative’s research findings, theory of change, and how pilots are implementing messaging and recommendations to create long-term change. Chair: Robert Sarror, Senior Director, Metropolitan Group,, Washington, […]

  • See how three institutions are rethinking how they operate in order to reach new audiences, maintain relevancy, and create advocates for history. From tweaking programming to breaking the operational mold, ideas and tips will be shared to inspire staff at institutions large and small. Chair: Alexandria Rasic, Director of Public Programs, Homestead Museum, City of […]

  • David Janssen, Executive Director of Brucemore in Cedar Rapids, IA and 2016 Annual Meeting Program Chair, wrote an article for the Spring 2016 issue of History News that discusses Detroit’s history and its lessons for historians. As the city changes, rebuilds, and realigns itself with contemporary American life, it serves as a model for history professionals who […]

  • This leaflet by Ohio History Connection Local History Services Manager Mark Sundlov discusses opportunities  and methods of demonstrating your organization’s or project’s relevance to various audiences. It includes sections on connecting with educators, neighbors, donors, and community leaders. It also features a statement from Tim Grove on the History Relevance Campaign. Technical Leaflet #273 (Winter […]

  • Zen and the Art of Local History is an engaging, interactive conversation that conveys the exciting nature of local history. The book is divided into six major themes: Being a Local Historian Topics and Sources Staying Relevant Getting it Right Writing History History Organizations Zen and the Art of Local History covers the scope and breadth of […]