• Many history organizations make the bold move to rebrand with the goal of attracting a broader audience. While much energy is often focused on the brand launch, this session addresses life after the launch date: how to manage your brand, how it evolves, and how you evolve. Chair: Shannon Thomas, Director of Marketing and Communications, […]

  • A museum’s public affairs program is the verbal and visual information about the institution that should elicit a response from the public. Mary W. Dyer explains how to effectively communicate with your public through publicity and promotion. She provides strategies for publicity and promotion, showing the differences between the two. Also included is a media […]

  • Branding is an important aspect of any museum’s image and marketing, regardless of the institution’s size. This leaflet presents Historic New England as a case study for how to create an effective brand. Originally known as the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (SPNEA), the organization did not have a clear message to […]