• Detroit’s story reflects our own. Collectively and individually, we are constantly evolving, embracing new opportunities, and reacting to forces beyond our control. Navigating these contemporary challenges, while facing an unpredictable future, requires periodically re-thinking our direction.  In doing so, we rely on the past for context, examples, and inspiration. The role of a public historian […]

  • Winds of Change:  As much as Oklahoma’s infamous tornadoes and storms generate both gentle and severe winds impacting the state, so too have the winds of opportunity impacted the nation’s cultural landscape. Winds, while possibly destructive, also can usher in new perspectives, opportunities, and critical self examination that may lead to strengthening organizations and the […]

  • The promise of remembrance is the work of commemoration, the responsibility to mark and search for the meanings of our ancestors’ achievements and afflictions. Their monuments and moments are the promise they left to us to build the next generation of new beginnings. The 2011 American Association for State and Local History Annual Meeting will […]

  • Crossroads: Exploring Vibrant Connections Between People and Place A crystal clear mountain lake, an American Indian cliff dwelling, a railway crossroad, a farmstead, your home. Each evokes an emotional response; each stirs the human spirit; and each reminds us that history is, at its core, about the powerful connections between people and place. The 2012 […]

  • Birmingham is a city which has reoriented its history, inspiring international human rights movements. It is the perfect place to think & talk about how stories of ordinary people and extraordinary change inspire and inform us, our publics, and our programs and outreach.Like Birmingham, history organizations are changing the way they do things, taking issues […]

  • Just as Louisville’s growth and success spring from the barriers faced by Ohio River travelers at the Falls of the Ohio, the power of possibility allows the public history field to see opportunities instead of obstacles. Momentum is building once again! We can be both creative and disciplined, consistent and fresh, informative and fun. As […]

  • Nothing can replace the opportunities that arise when you intersect with people who come together around common goals and interests — good history and good times. In 2014, the AASLH Annual Meeting in St. Paul enabled us to explore ways to be “greater than the sum of our parts.” Free Audio Keynote Address: Garrison Keillor Keynote […]