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  • LISTEN: Download audio This session looks at recent and upcoming state and national commemorations, including Lewis and Clark’s voyage, statehood anniversaries, and the Civil War, and how we can successfully present and interpret the transformative history of major events in a relevant way to the public we serve. Chair: Ann Toplovich, Executive Director, Tennessee Historical […]

  • LISTEN: Download audio Discover how the field approaches the Civil War Sesquicentennial. In what ways will the 150th anniversary differ from the centennial? This panel, a follow-up to a presentation in 2007 and highlighted in History News, and discuss the need for finding common ground on this potentially divisive issues. Chair: Rick Beard, Executive Director, […]

  • LISTEN: Download audio Utilizing presidential libraries and museums as the nation’s “crossroads” institutions where current scholarship meets public history and visitor expectations, this session examines various presidents who faced difficult race-related issues. Discussions compare pre-Civil Rights era decision-making to presidents serving in the throes of the Civil Rights Movement. Chair: Frank Milligan, Director, President Lincoln’s […]

  • LISTEN: Download audio Reprising 2007’s popular point/counterpoint session on conservation issues, this year’s session goes one step further by including an exhibitor’s voice into the mix. Three seasoned professionals, each with their own areas of expertise and unique perspective, will debate key issues regarding curation, conservation, and display of artifacts. Chair: Scott Carrlee, Curator of […]

  • LISTEN: Download audio Intrigued by the concept of transformation and how it might apply to the historical organization you serve? This session includes an overview of key concepts and helpful literature relating to organizational change, discussion, and real life case studies/institutional reflections. Chair: John Durel, Organization Consultant, Qm2/Durel Consulting Partners Presenters: Heather Beggs, Museum Director, […]

  • LISTEN: Download audio In a country experiencing dramatic demographic shifts, how do museums change to meet the needs of new types of consumers? This session will provide an overview of the changing American demographic landscape in the new 21st century and offer examples of what or how museums are embracing the challenge of challenging audiences. […]

  • LISTEN: Download audio In light of a major leadership shift in the next 5 to 15 years as current museum leaders retire from the field, what are institutions doing, if anything, to address the pending leadership transition? This session will review the significance of succession planning as it relates to strengthening healthy institutions and it […]

  • LISTEN: Download audio The future of historic houses is a central question to the field today. This session examines the Kykuit Forum’s findings on alternative uses for historic properties by presenting viable options to the house museum. Participants will learn the process that three organizations followed to preserve their properties and serve the needs of […]

  • LISTEN: Download audio Lynn Sherr’s 2008 Annual Meeting Plenary Address. She speaks on the topic of the importance of preserving history and the value it has for future generations. A journalist and author of a biography on Susan B. Anthony, Sherr uses her discoveries and fascination with Anthony as an example of the significance of obtaining […]